Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Series of "Randomness", Day 10

I began this entry with the following sentence: "I know that I've already fulfilled my entry requirement for the day, but I'm inspired to blog again." Then I looked at the time and realized that it's already the next day. I had an interesting yesterday. I went to a free tai chi class. My friend and I were the only new students, so the instructor was kind enough to set us aside and show us the technique. Afterwards we had plans to go our own separate ways, but we were going the same direction. Someone was walking behind us, and my friend was impressed by how discreet he was. Eventually he walked ahead of us, and I sped up to him. Coincidentally, it looked like I was following him because I was walking a long distance shortly behind him. He asked me if I was following him, commenting that he's seen guys follow girls but not the other way around. I told him not unless he was going to the same coffee shop as me. 

Apparently he's never been there and was surprised that someone was friendly towards him because he hasn't been able to make friends during the two years that he's lived here. I actually had the same experience when I first moved out here. It took me a good two years until I made friends, and I'm a friendly and social person. I've been described as I would die if I don't socialize, and even I've found difficult. I love the people in my life now and the people I attract. They're amazing. I suggested that he check out this coffee shop because it's eclectic, artsy, and attracts some really social and friendly people. There are studious students, travelers, artists, coffee addicts, etc. They promote different artists every month. Sometimes they have a live band. There's hookah out back. There are couches. It's a great balance of socializing and enough discretion to focus on your studies. Every time I go there, I always meet someone new. This guy met six new people and easily bonded with everyone. 

He seemed so happy and at home. I'm glad that I was able to offer him that. It's all about knowing where to go. I just find how this friendship developed to be really interesting. My friend commented on how he seemed to come out by surprise. That brief encounter wasn't memorable at all, but we actually interacted again later. He bonded with some new people. I found a new friend. Life works in marvelous ways. 

Speaking of marvelous, I met another new friend a couple days ago through a mutual friend. He actually gives shiatsu massages and asked if he can practice on me for free of charge because he wants to keep practicing. What an amazing offer, right? He's asking me as though it's a favor to him, which I'm sure it is. I quickly developed an altruistic relationship with him. I'm such a tense person, and this is amazing for me. I would be more than willing to pay him, but I don't have any money. He knew that immediately and didn't mind at all, but I offered to buy him groceries at the farmer's market. Since I work at one, I can easily be more generous. He was so grateful especially since he was offering this for free. It works out great for both of us. I'm glad that I can offer him something that's affordable and one he'll appreciate. He's grateful to have someone he can practice his art on. I love the people I attract into my life. I've been presented with affordable opportunities, altruistic friendships, and positive energy I want to be around. 


  1. Zephyr's in Pasadena on Colorado and Sierra Madre. It's really cool, eclectic, funky, and not at all resembling the corporate energy that Starbucks vapidly releases. It has a completely different aura.