Friday, December 17, 2010

Just Checking In,

Lately I've felt disconnected. It amazes me how every time I feel out of touch with reality, myself, time, emotions, or some form of detachment occurs that it directly correlates with my writing habits. The problem with when I get like this is that I'm not sure what to write about and I get into a rut, so I stall on doing the healthy thing, to resume my good habits. So after such an absence I'm back to find myself again. There truly is a lot I want to share including an epiphany I had about where I worked, why I left, the strategically timed bartending class that I'm yet again struggling through where the special ed in me shines brightly, the openness I have to being unemployed, and the party promoting job that was offered to me today. In order for me to get past this, I do have to elaborate but not today. The money's good for tonight, $25 an hour and it's right next to where I live but I'm freezing. I could barely maintain my own body temperature. I can feel myself getting sick but I'm going to do this. Who knows why but I am so I don't want to drain myself too much.