Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cleansing My Toxic Oasis

A part of me loves this title because I find it to be beautiful and intriguing. But it's also tragic that it exists. Then again my awareness of it is a testament to my emotional receptivity and spiritual awakening. The past couple of weeks I've felt lethargic, unmotivated, and lost my sense of time. 1 hour can feel like a mere 20 minutes. When I look at the space around me, it's not in such disarray that all function seizes to exist. But I can see undeniable signs that contribute to my unproductivity. My bed platform resembles a raft board without a mattress and it's become a catch all for clutter. It's sectioned off but it's still disorganized. I realized that a plant I relocated so it can be exposed to the sun was contributing to my mood and behavior because while the plant needs sun to be rejuvenated, in its current decaying state, it's contaminating my energy. I moved it today and already I feel a burst of life in me return. I'm at the library now. I rushed just so I can use the internet and post this. I won't have time to edit it because I arrived less than 30 minutes before closing. But I'm just grateful that I got here. I've been forfeiting any productive attempts because by the time I'm willing to do it, I won't have enough time. Well I feel better starting and not completing them than doing absolutely nothing. I have to go now to return my library books before they close cuz I think removing clutter is definitely going to lift the energy. I also received a few texts and I'm intuitively sensing an aversion to it. I wonder if my feelings will correlate once I read it. If it's what I suspect it to be, it'll ultimately be healthier in the long run. I encourage everyone to take the time and make even minor changes towards improving the energy around you.