Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun Weekend in Progress, Day 34

So after work on Friday, my sister and I went to a farmer's market, which is more like a flea market. I bought a pretty glass murano pendant and chain for $5! It's purple and everything! ^_^ I so would've bought more if I wasn't planning to go on a crystal shopping spree tomorrow. There were 2 for $10 bracelets. A pretty pendant that was selling for $12, which was offered to me for $10. I wonder if that was a marketing gimmick or not. Either way, I think it was worth it. There was also an $8 bracelet. I could've bought 4 bracelets for $20, the $10 pendant, $8 bracelet, and the $5 neckace for $43. $43 would've gotten me 7 jewelry! That's awesome, right?

I also went to my friend's birthday party. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay too long. We headed over to my sister's boyfriends place to mix the drinks and drink the drinks, a phrase coined by her. I made bomb ass cosmos and mojitos! I played beer pong and flip cup for the first time. It's fun! Today we hit the beach and I tanned! I wish there were before and after pics taken of me and pre-posed pics. -___- Thanks a lot, sis! Oh well, next time! All in all a very good weekend. The fresh air was definitely good for me. My allergies aren't bothering me at all! Maybe two weeks from now, I might go water skiing. I was invited next weekend, but I have to hop a fence to enter a flea market. Fun times!

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