Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girl World, Day 24

Today I entered girl world. I had my first girl talk with a girl yesterday. Today I went bikini shopping with a girl. We talked about makeup, skincare products, spas, ate modestly, called each other demeaning names, and I borrowed a jacket. Is this what girl world is like? It's so time-consuming and vain. It was certainly a different and new experience.

I don't really have much to report. Oh, I bought a bikini for $7! Can you believe it? It's a cute red two piece bathing suit. I'm really impressed. I never get bargains. Is it perfect? Hardly. The material is thinner than I would like it to be, but for the price I won't complain. I still want to hit another mall. But if I decide that I don't like this set, I can practically wear it as underwear! What a bargain, right?

As I was trying on the different pieces and I realized how unfitting it was, I realized how much these suits were lacking in foundational structure. I wonder if that's how I am. I have a very weak structure and foundation with a lot of things. I was advanced quickly academically as a child. I still struggle with basic arithmetics as I skate on by trigonometry. I've been advanced in English class only to discover that I haven't learned basic grammar until I reached community college.

A strong, solid foundation is important. Maybe I'm disconnected with the earth element because my structure, which is representative of the earth element is poorly built. Maybe I need to go back to the basics and rebuild from there. Or else I'll continue to move forward in the weakened state I have for so long. Even the seemingly most frivolous of experiences can provide us with insights if we're open to it.

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