Saturday, August 22, 2009

Senti-Ment and Other Expressions of Feelings, Day 27

I made plans to hang out with a really good friend of mine to tell him how much he affected me. The details are private and will go unrecorded. But basically by opening up to me about some intimate details, it reassured me that I can trust myself and my intuition. That's been a struggling journey that I've began approaching for some time now. I finally feel like I'm making progress towards the right direction.

He decoded a word which really spoke to me. He broke down the word sentiment into two words "senti" and "iment". Apparently the word "senti" means feelings. I didn't used to be a sentimental person. I was also an emotionally-disconnected person. It made me realize what I involve and my writing improves profoundly when I'm most emotionally-vulnerable and exposed. I can't relate to things if I don't feel things. If I don't feel things, I can't reflect properly to write. A writer has to feel. I'm hoping that by truly feeling things my experiences will change. I'll notice the subtle air breezing by.

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