Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Wish Upon a Star, Day 80

Last night I had a lot of fun. My friends came over and we had a good time. A friend of mine wanted to surprise another friend of ours with food from her home country, Germany. She's been missing tuna pizza. Yes, tuna pizza. Weird, right? It was really sweet and considerate of him to surprise her with something like that, and he treated everyone. It was much appreciated.

I have this gorgeous amethyst cluster tunnel that's SO HUGE you can fit your head into it! ^_^ I tested it out. So has my roommate and now my friend who came over last night did. A couple mind in the gutter jokes were expressed. :) Anyways......we had some interesting food and coerced an unsuspecting innocent to eat a pickled garlic, and she's only heard of pickled cucumbers. Maybe I shouldn't have rushed her into something so intense. Well, what's done is done! My other friend was sick, so he decided to give his colloidal water a try. It has a really interesting flavor and texture to it. Each person who tried it started acting like we were drugged up. It was pretty funny, but I guess you had to be there. Whatever! I had fun! We had fun!

Instead of playing card games, which I'm actually glad we didn't do because I wasn't exactly in a card game mood, we listened to some poetry instead. I liked that. That jived more with my energy that day. Then we went to see shooting stars! ^_^ It was interesting convincing a friend to go because he's been feeling a little under the weather and needed to get up early the next day. (I hope he's doing well today). He brought his bike, so I brought up the possibility that he might try to escape after we peer pressured him into going. I casually mentioned what a drag it would be to have to swoop him off of his bike from a truck. He said he'd come quietly after I made such a statement. :) I'm good!

It was my first meteor shower, and I saw ten shooting stars! It was so amazing! It was an adventure in it of itself to get there. I brought my two pillows. The three of us bundled up with a sleeping bag and laid on a beach towel. It was so freezing that I wanted to be sandwiched. I encouraged them to get inappropriately close. :P Not inappropriate behavior, inappropriate proximity. Body heat. Ya dig?

It was cool. We decided to lay in the middle, which seemed to make sense in theory. We thought we could see the whole sky, but I guess we should've just picked a left or right corner. Some people would fake seeing something. It was curious how each side cohesively collaborated in either their honesty or dishonesty. We were convinced each corner thought the center people were nuts because we missed so much. We probably missed a good five of them just because we were taking pictures. We weren't able to angle it properly, so a lot of trial and error went into it. But I'm proud to say that I was in all of those pictures, cute and ready for the camera! The picture whore that is me! ^_^

I gotta get those pics and upload it onto my facebook. It's a memory I want to preserve. That night I wasn't worried about my allergies, my health, my financial concerns, my living situation, or other injustices I feel I suffer. I was just a girl hanging out with her friends, having a new experience. But it was still very much a human experience, so a moment of weakness did float by and it passed. I missed him. I wondered what it would've been like to lay on a blanket with him, watching those stars. Would I have enjoyed that? Probably. But I was with my friends instead, and that worked well, too! I just knew that these feelings will come and go, but I'll be okay. My mind will wander, and that's okay.

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