Monday, October 12, 2009

The Doctor Visit, Day 73

I went to my doctor's appointment today. I was so freaked out. I even considered ditching. But the more I contemplated the idea of not going, the more real the idea that something really is wrong plagued me. Is that something I can afford to ignore? It was one thing when I didn't have the financial resources to be told that something was wrong. I do feel that everything happens for a reason. It's been so long since I've had money that wasn't designated to a rigid budget that I'm sort of bummed out that it got spent on something so boring and technical. But it doesn't change the fact that clearly this can't go ignored.

A cough that people have become accustomed to is entirely different from a rash that's spreading like wildfire all over my skin. When I can't even manage to get to school in a timely fashion and I live across the street because I'm too busy itching, it's a problem. I look like I should be quarantined. The rash on my face swelled up so badly that it was hurting me last night. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to open my eyes to make it to the doctor's office. That's not something that should go ignored.

I have had a case of skin allergies in the past before but not quite like this. It took me a couple months to get over it, and I had to hide my legs. This is completely different, though. it's been confirmed that the rash all over my skin now is allergies. I've been prescribed allergy medications and antibiotics for the infection. -____- I take both meds every eight hours. Fun!

There's a couple of disconcerting information. The fact that my cough has lasted as long as it has followed by a rash can mean a number of things according to my physician. He says it's urgent to get a chest x-ray, which scares me the most. But he's telling me to not worry too much about the cough or the chest x-ray, as the cough is starting to subside. The main concern at the moment is the rash that should be addressed immediately. Since he wants me to spend the least amount of money possible, he's hoping that the allergy medication for my skin will relieve my chronic cough. If it doesn't, then I'll have to buy prescription cough medicine.

I, unlike others, dislike the idea of being heavily medicated. I don't like the loopy feeling. I like being in control. I'm no longer attached to my thoughts, but I don't like the idea of being hostage to chemical substances, either. God, you know what I just realized? If I wasn't so afraid of losing control, I'd be a bad ass with drugs.

Anyways, I have allergy meds that I took at 8 pm. I have to take them every 8 hours. I should've taken it at 10 pm, but now I have to wake up at 4 am to take another dose. Ugh! I have to take my next dose of antibiotics at 2 am. Can you say unstable sleep pattern? Luckily, my friend is going to text or call me at 4 am. Hopefully, I can stay awake until 2 am. I really should've taken the meds a couple hours later. Oh well.....

The meds run the risk of making me super drowsy. I hope I'll wake up in time for my chem class because I was given a deadline to take all of those accumulated quizzes by today, but I've had trouble logging into it. I haven't gotten a chance to get that resolved. I emailed my poetry professor who was adamant that I stay home until I get better. She even seemed against me hanging out with my friend who can hand in my homework assignments for me. Whatever, though! At least I'm covered in her class.

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