Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Days Just Pass Me By, "Day 86"

I'm days behind on my post and not because I'm neglectful or leaving it to the last minute. But I've been processing and functioning at a much slower level lately. So I begin blogging at night, and by the time I make a substantial amount of progress, it's midnight. I become too tired to proofread by 1 am. My days begin later than I would like. I'm lethargic and bordering incoherent. It just feels like days pass me by.

Clearly something has to change. My energy level is crashed, so I need to be more nutritious. I don't have the opportunity to hydrate myself as much as I'd like to. My energy is drained from living in a messy environment, which is my own fault. I've just been so tired that I'm unable to organize anything, which is just perpetuating the problem. I spend more time trying to locate one object than I do to ensure that I nourish myself. By the time I find something, I have no time to eat or tend to other responsibilities. It gives me no drive.

Procrastination has been my addiction since last semester perhaps. I've never experienced this before. I have had moments in my educational career when I didn't hand in assignments, but I studied in my own time. I've been doing nothing! I haven't even been indulging in my imaginative, escapist mentality. I just feel like I'm frozen in time, while time is in a parallel universe speeding by.

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