Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Plans, Day 90

I thought I'd write an entry now or else I'll forget. I probably won't write one tomorrow either because I'll b e adventuring in San Diego. But today I'm going to dress up as a rich woman for Halloween. I got invited to a bunch of things, but ultimately I want to hang out with my German friend who wants an American Halloween experience or so she thinks. Since I know her I know she's not going to feel the whole slutty scene. So I thought I'd take her to a parade instead. Then maybe I'll surprise my friend by showing up to a party after all if possible. I'll be getting picked up at 9:30 pm, and I haven't even gotten started on getting ready. My laptop bag with my wallet is with my friend. Luckily, I bought a bra from a lingerie shop I know well, so I was able to take t he bra home. I'm going to call her with my card info. Ahhhhh!!!!!

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