Wednesday, September 30, 2009

High School Gossip, Day 61

I feel like this blog allows me to view the world differently. I appreciate each and every experience more because I've discovered the value and meaning in even the smallest of experiences. Now I see the world as vastly educational, both intellectually and emotionally. It makes it difficult for me to narrow down what to write about. That, inadvertently, discourages me from writing because it requires brainstorming and further calculations. My life is so busy that I don't want to be consumed with time I don't have.

High School Gossip: I was definitely a part of the high school gossip world. I tried to not indulge in it. Frankly, the happenings of strangers never really appealed to me. But I was certainly the talk of high school as one of my friends put it. I never wanted to be a part of that emotional roller coaster, but I was. I'm realizing now that it would've been beneficial for me to have absorbed a little bit of that. Everyone thinks that they leave high school behind once you leave. But reality is that the world is organized high school. Everyone's out to crush everyone. You have a handful of friends who you can trust. The world doesn't revolve around you. Everything's intense or dead. You never truly know a person until you discover who you are. I would handle life a lot better if I had paid attention more in high school because even if I didn't respect that world, there's a learning experience in everything. If only I had put my thinking cap on then.

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