Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day of Errands, Day 60

Today is going to be filled with errands. I rarely am able to accomplish all of the errands I'd like to complete, but this is the goal for the day:

1) Stop by the doctor's office to get allergy meds

2) Stop by the Galleria to look for a card at Sweet Factory and see if the Target there has the Brita filtration pitcher I seek.

3) Go to Big 5 and get a water bottle there.

4) Go to the Central Library and borrow the poetry book I need.

5) Send emails.

6) Do laundry in washer.

7) Hand wash delicates.

8) Record Daily Log entries

9) Stop by the farmer's market to pick up strawberries.

10) Start on critiquing like 30 poems!

11) Start watching two documentary videos for chem class.

12) Close my citibank account.

The amount of errands to run actually isn't that bad, and I really should be able to achieve these goals especially since some of these goals can be done late into the evening. But as I re-read my list, I'm starting to re-consider my trip to the Culver City farmer's market. Hmmmm......

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