Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yesterday was a Good Day

I've been waiting on a package FOREVER! I bought hyaluronic acid serum and essential oils from Puritan cuz they have a buy 1 get 1 free special that's pretty much always going on. So I got 8 (2 each) of the essential oils in cinnamon, lavender, lemon, and peppermint. The cinnamon has a woodsier scent than I'd like. The lavender's not the best I've smelled but certainly enjoyable. The lemon scent is a much softer citrusy scent than I would've expected, almost faintly candy like. I was imagining it'd be a sharper scent. Peppermint was great! And it's the only one I found I could use internally. The hyaluronic acid wasn't on a two for one special but found it much cheaper online than in person. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchases. :D Usually when I place orders, I receive them well before it's indicated timeline. So all the waiting made me envious of my co-worker.

I was originally planning to return my library book but instead decided to join a yoga membership since this they were offering a free month special if I sign up. It's less than $100 for an unlimited monthly membership and the yoga instructors require many, MANY hours of teaching certifications. I've been wanting to do this for quite some time. I'm glad I finally called. I was also given a $25 gift card to spend at their store. I could basically get a good two books for free! :D I'm planning on getting one book on ayurveda and one on chakra if possible. I found a wonderfully scented lavender mist, but considering how I just purchased essential oils, I figure I can experiment with making my own! That should be fun.

Before I finally stepped inside and paid for my yoga membership, I was on the phone with a friend of mine for two hours!!! So we finally decided to meet up and we were hanging out at the beach. There was an area that wasn't as chilly situated right next to a crazy who was screaming and right near the edge of the cliff, too..... We originally wanted to go on a night hike to enjoy the full moon, but we couldn't find any nearby spots. So instead we had Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Not the healthiest, I know.

I let 8 days pass and I haven't paid my rent cuz sadly I've been too busy and lazy to write a check, which I MUST do tonight! I also have to return my library book cuz it's due today. I don't want any late fees. I have to move quickly. Gotta take out the trash and gather books I don't want anymore, so I can make it to a book swapping event tonight. Hopefully I find something I like. Hopefully I'll make it. If I'm on top of things like I know I can be and not let my laziness and procrastination set in, I'll really be abe to get it done. The more I think about exactly how I'll do things, the more my energy develops that flow and I make it happen. So that's what I'm doing now.

Not driving makes things difficult, but it's my laziness that really causes the interference from completing my goals. During the weekend I'd like to hit up a craft store, pick up contact lenses, go to Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, wet seal, macys, and Kmart. The problem is that I can't find a mall that has all those stores! I have to go to like three different spots! It's ridiculous! I was given a gift card for macy's, so I want to look at what I can buy. I want to go to Forever 21 to get a black cardigan, a desire that's been building since high school at this point! I haven't been able to find just a nice plain one! Ugh! What a drag! Since I'm going to start taking yoga and I've been wanting to get black leggings anyways, I want to get a few. I'll leave one at work, one at home designated for yoga, and a spare for my regular outfits. That way I'll be able to wash them, too. That's promising!

I want to start making changes that'll support a healthier lifestyle like having groceries at work such as whole wheat bread, strawberry jam, hummus, carrots, celery, things like that. I'm also going to use my slow cooker more often, so I can have ready made meals for lunch and dinner. I'll also have workout clothes, too. I was hoping I'll be able to attend a yoga class this week, but my schedule doesn't seem to permit it as the book swapping only occurs monthly. I already missed it last month. Anywyas I'm going to spend some time focusing on how I see my day unfolding cuz I'd really like to see this plan unravel in a flowing sort of way.

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