Monday, March 26, 2012

Uncertain Title via Uncertain Content

I'm not really sure what I want to write about and I doubt there will be a cohesive theme, although that's nothing new. This is free writing after all. I do have a lot of things on my mind and ideas of what I'd like to express. This weekend we had Baby Day at my job!!! It was amazing!

On Friday I spent like four hours on the phone with a really good friend, so I didn't get any sleep. But I had a wonderful time! Sometimes he and I clash cuz he interprets my lack of smiling as anger when I'm not upset or bothered at all. It was enjoyable being able to talk to him without running the risk of offending him cuz I say something that's meant to be funny and it's not interpreted as such.

I ended up missing my massage appointment, though. That was a bittersweet consequence. I rescheduled my alarm clock to go off at the appropriate time but failed to remember that it's only set Monday-Friday. So I wasn't able to make it to my appointment. It was actually absent-mindedness that caused this, but it worked out perfectly! I didn't mean to schedule an appointment on the same day as baby day; it just slipped my mind. I wanted to schedule an appointment because this massage therapist is known to be wonderful and she's offering a $20 off special until the end of the month to fill up her morning appointments. I want to take advantage of this, but I have another week left if I decide I want to go. I came across a modeling opportunity I might be more interested in. I'll weigh the choices before I make my decision.

Baby day was so much fun! there were two babies and one was six months old. She's incredibly friendly! One of my co-workers was taking pictures of everyone. The entire time the baby was super attentive and friendly until the camera's on us. Then I turned into the baby begging for her to pay attention to me. LOL! The minute the camera goes down, she's ready to play. She extends her arms out, wrapping them around my neck, leans forward, and just jumps up and down until the next thing you know, I'm carrying her!

That's the first time I've carried a baby since I was in the fifth grade!!! I was insecure about whether I was holding her correctly or not. I probably wasn't doing it in the best way but she was securely held and in the photo, I look fine the way I'm holding her. I made it into my profile picture. She's so delightful!

There was another baby who was a newborn and wouldn't wake up despite her grandmother's insistence. With enough people telling her to smile in Mandarin made her cry. She wasn't as interesting. I hear babies become more interesting at about four months old.

There was a huge potluck with so much food! It was awesome! I got to bring some home and there's still leftovers at work! I'm covered for lunch today. But I have to figure out what I'll be doing for tmrw cuz I haven't been cooking. I've been meaning to sprout quinoa and make some of that. It'd be easy to accompany that with baked fish. But I really should use the poultry defrosting in my fridge and use up other produce I bought.

Speaking of things I should be doing, I have to clean my kitchen. The bottom shelf is super greasy and I've hesitated to put anything on it as a result. So everything is jam packed wrecklessly and piling over everything. It looks like a safety hassle just to go through it and it's discouraged me from even inventorying what I have. If I don't start inspecting it soon and using it up, it'll all go bad.

Tonight I'm going to happy hour to meet mingle with new people. There's a site where you can join groups and everyone just gathers. Everyone's faces and names are identified and it's located at a public restaurant in an area I'm familiar with. So I feel confident and secure in attending. It'll be fun to meet new people. I believe I'll have a good time.

I was just thinking that I'm going to make today a good day cuz yesterday didn't turn out to be fun the way I expected it to at all! :( This morning the bank teller was rude and she knew it! I'm not happy about this weather, and I really just wanna have a good time! Not shortly after I thought that did I come across this happy hour invite. Yay! I love moments like those!

I won't be attending yoga class and that's unfortunately especially since I finally found an instructor I really like who's teaching tonight, but I'm allowed some flexibility right? I really should practice the plank posture. I finally have the proper technique; I can tell cuz it engages all the right muscles since they're underdeveloped. But my posture becomes quickly compromised when I have to execute an actual movement. So I'd like to find out what kind of arm exercises would best strengthen them.

I have a pull-up bar my neighbor gave me, who by the way I ran into this weekend. He's moving to China. :( I'm going to miss him. I wish we would've developed more of a friendship. I guess I should just be grateful to have met such a genuine person. I'd rather not go into detail. The idea of elaborating reminds me of a chore, and that can't be conducive. Anyways back to my previous train of thought: I haven't used the pull-up bar. I don't have the arm strength and every time I use it, it ends up just hurting my shoulders. But I should start using it to tone my abs by holding the pull-up bar and lifting my legs up. That'd be a great workout! I've thought about it for some time but have procrastinated on doing anything about it.

I really want to keep this job, and my position here is more secure than not. I'm just making sure my actions demonstrate my presence to be a practical resoluion. I won't know of the outcome until mid-April but please send positive energy my way! :) Your efforts are appreciated.

I had to return my library books, which is unfortunate cuz I couldn't finish reading them but I keep thinking of what I read in my astrological assessment. "Having too many interests is as bad as having none." It's true cuz I had six books on me and I didn't read finish reading a single one. Right now I began reading Ayurvedic Cookbook and I'm a lot more drawn to that than any other book I borrowed. So I figure I should focus on that right now.

As for the books I returned, I jotted down each title and how many pages into it I'm at. I'm going to try something new and borrow just one book at a time. I may not always be interested in that one book and I may wish I had another book to fall back on, but so far the over abundance of books haven't been serving that purpose. I don't want a bunch of untapped energy within my space. If I'm really inclined to read something different, I have a generous collection of books at home I can reach for.

All this book talking is making me want to read. It's staring right at me, and I just realized that my phone buzzed a moment ago. Perhaps it's a text. Well goodbye for now!

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