Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcoming New Energy

Monday represents a new week. It always inevitably comes around, so we tend to take it for advantage. We forget that it can mean a fresh start because even though the past is still a part of us and we can't erase it, time moved forward. That still means new energy, fresh energy. Some people choose to stay in the past, contaminating their energy and leaving it stagnant. But Monday still presents a new opportunity.

With the end of March approaching, we have the annual rain coming down on us. Just when the winter comes to a close and we see sparks of spring, the rain reminds us that the summery delight is a tease, a preview of what's to come. I personally hate the rain and can't understand why anyone enjoys it. It's cold, gloomy, causes or contributes to depression, and weakens the immune system. I wish I could enjoy the changing seasons since I'm exposed to them, but it's still how I feel.

What I do like is after the rain ends, we're greeted by the sun. It's like the toxins get released in the form of rain and it's very therapeutic. We need the rain after all. Once we get past that mandatory phase, spring blossoms and nature comes out to play. People begin to take off extra layers of skin and out of all the seasons, spring symbolizes change. Spring cleaning, detoxes, lighter meals, less layers of clothes, nature blooming all around us...

For me yesterday represented those days. My weekend was filled with amazing communication, misunderstandings, unnecessary confrontations, unavoidable cancellations, and happy times. It was a catch all of everything, the good and the bad. But I wanted Monday to be different. The rain went away and I wanted to do something different.

As I was manifesting my desire I came across an invite for happy hour. I met some new people and had some good food. One of the things I really enjoy about getting older is it becomes easier to connect with people because it's as though we intuitively gravitate towards people we can bond with. Conversations become more natural and finding things to talk about is easier. We just flow in a way where we find that string of connection, rather than feebly searching for it in all of the wrong places.

Of course not every person we come across will lead to lifelong meaningful friendships, but it's not a series of incompatible energy. I find myself less and less being exposed to people that I immediately sense I dislike without having any idea why, then feeling guilty for what feels like unwarranted judgments when it's actually intuitive assessment, and desperate to feel more open-minded, I interact only to regret it. I never know what kind of people I'll meet until after it happens but I find myself more inclined during some moments more than others. And it's by listening to my inner voice then that I develop friendships that are most conducive for me.

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