Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I just got back from my lunch break and discovered my soap opera, Days of Our Lives, is no longer airing! :'( Perhaps a cable channel will or has already picked it up, and I'm just unaware of it. But it was rather odd. I remember watching it as a child, being intrigued because Marlena was possessed by a demon. Yes a character in an American soap opera was possessed by a demon and the evil character was the head Exorcist. LOL! How crazy was I to be pulled in during those episodes! How much you wanna bet those episodes were desperately aired as ideas were running dry and probably around the time most people abandoned the show until it "normalized" or the soap opera version of normalized, whatever that is...

This is the second day in a row that I forgot to bring my lunch after making a huge batch with the intent to save $. -_____- Yesterday I got a triple deck sandwich with a fruit salad for $8. Considering the proportions, I was satisfied with the cost until I returned to the break room and found my co-worker wisely assembling a sandwich that looked eerily similar to mine... Today he encouraged me to do the same thing, and I just might. Since I keep forgetting to bring my lunch, I might as well keep a food supply here especially since I remember to bring snacks to contribute to the snack stash.

That'll be money responsibly spent. I'm thinking whole wheat bread, deli slices, some fruits such as bananas, tangerines, apples, hummus, celery, carrots, and the sorts. Also mixed salad bags and a jar of homemade vinaigrette. I'll fill a canning jar with it and I can quickly toss my greens in there and yank them out. That'll last me a while.

I'm also going to start buying stuff at drugstore.com cuz I can get 12% cash back through ebates.com. Since I don't drive, it's always such a drag to buy these items anyways and when I'm cheap, the commute time's a bitch. But with 12% cash back and careful purchases, I can make it work. Way better than wasting the two free days I have. This will also give me an opportunity to add to my first aid kit.

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