Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello World!

I know I made a commitment to blog 5 days a week and I was absent yesterday, but I was instructed to not go on any personal sites for the day at work. My boss' boss was visiting. But she's gone now, and I can resume my daily blogging and internet activities. The perv in me found that to be suggestive. :/ Horrible, just horrible.

Yesterday was a beautiful and warm day. I went to the farmer's market during my lunch break and got my favorite hummus selection. It was great to go outside and not require a coat. Even when I got off work, the weather was calm and weathered perfectly. I talked to a friend and hopefully we're going to watch Secret World of Arrietty this weekend. I'm so excited! I'm also looking forward to buying cherimoyas at the farmer's market this weekend. CHERIMOYAS!!!

Today's payday and I'm contemplating whether I want to buy a slow cooker or not. I probably should. It totally fits my lifestyle and currently lazy habits. The truth is I'm going to do it eventually, but I'll hesitant on actually spending money. Although I've now decided that I'm going to buy it because I came into some money for my birthday! Yipee! :D Slow cooker, it is!

Man, I feel so boring. I guess that's the problem with blogging daily is I do it to fulfill a requirement; I don't necessarily wait until I'm inspired and flooded with thoughts.

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