Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today is Moving by Fast

I decided I want to create a blog that focuses on holistic living, and I spent quite a bit of time writing on that. Time moved by quickly. I got to talk to a co-worker of mine I hardly chat with. She's quiet but really sweet. You could tell she's a good soul. I also worked more on my Moments to Cherish journaling, which I enjoyed. Two days ago I started using the glycolic acid moisturizer. The first night my skin was smooth and beautiful, but last night I didn't notice its effects probably cuz I didn't sleep much. I feel much more rested, though. I got to share with someone that I know his sudden termination at a job was for the best cuz although he doesn't really know me, I'm an intuitive person. It was nice that he reached out to me, so I could tell him. I tried before but fb just wasn't cooperating. I enjoyed a slice of ice cream cake for breakfast. That was yummy! I feel like I've had a productive day today. I don't have as much result to show for it as I'd like, but time didn't feel like it was moving slowly and I got to focus on things that are important to me. I order a blueprint for my astrological chart, but this one is unique to me rather than just astrology. I received an email from that woman, and I really look forward to the results. I also got to talk to my brother briefly. He sliced off a piece of his finger yesterday, but he's doing better and it's not nearly as bad as I thought it was. It's not raining today and yesterday I got to avoid getting wet, which was a relief. Wow, my entry's scrambled. I just wanted to write before the day escaped me. :)

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