Friday, February 10, 2012

A Lil About Me

1) Some of my favorite simple indulgences include enjoying a deliciously ripe avocado lightly salted, snuggling with someone special, having meangful conversations so powerful that it resonates in me even months or years down the line, feeling pretty, bubble baths, going to the farmer's markets, eating raw oysters, being inspired by decorative photos and craft projects, and See's chocolate.

2) One of my favorite things is when shampoo, conditioners, body lotions, things like that come with a pump. That small nifty gadget makes my life all the more easier. Seriously!

3) I have the ability to make friends quickly and easily. I'm friendly, conversational, and usually I intuitively sense a common interest or topic that allows me to bond with others.

4) I'm interested in many things - writing, poetry, psychology, philosophy, physical anthropology, religious studies, spirituality, nutrition, holistic health, meditation, beauty, fashion, interior decorating, ethnography, dance history, fitness, cooking, container gardening, crafts, abstract and conceptual ideas, debating, communications, languages, sexuality, nature, bartending, and random facts.

5) Compared or described to with an animal, I've been told the following - a squirrel cuz they're cute and spend all day searching for food just like me! :) A good friend of mine narrowed it down to three different animals - a dragon for ancient wisdom, a cat cuz I have a side of playfulness and I usually get my way without really trying, and a monkey cuz they're fucking crazy! LOL A goose - that explanation wasn't really elaborated. My friend said he saw geese at the park, and they have a lot of character. He said I'd have to see them to gain more insight. The same friend also described me to a gekko like the one from the Geico commercial. At first I was startled but his explanation made a lot of sense. He said the gekko's small, cute, everyone loves him, he's friendly, and he likes the sun. :)

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