Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Shopper's Bargain, Day 102

I recently went to Salvation Army with someone who has the ability to make me feel fashionably inferior within a 30 second period. I'm not a fan of window shopping. It's so time consuming, and I feel like I've wasted hours, time I'll never get back. I could be spending my time more productively doing things that'll guarantee results.

I'm small, so not many clothes are made for my size. It makes searching through the aisles of any store a major challenge. I hate having to be so scrupulous, too. Everything's disorganized. It's overwhelming. You have to wait in life for a fitting room or try them on, while fighting for the mirror.

And especially if you go to a store like Salvation Army, there's no clearly defined aisles with items separated by color and style. If I have a specific item I'm looking for, it distracts me from everything else that's there. Or I'm limited to the choices that's offered. I'm not even guaranteed to find what I'm looking for if it's something specific. With the way things are cluttered, you may miss a lot of stuff or at least I do.

I much rather prefer the modern approach of online shopping. Sure you can't try it on in person, but if you find the right website they offer free returns and follow an accurate size guide measuring the bust and waist size, as well as hem length. That saves me the trouble and I do have the opportunity to try it on. But instead of doing it at a stuffy, overcrowded clothing stores with long lines, incompetent sales associate, exposure to dissatisfied service or outbursts from the employees and the customers, I get to try things on in the comfort of my own home when I have the time within a 15 day period. I'm most comfortable where I live anyways.

I haven't gone shopping for clothes at stores in forever! The last time I did it was during the purple season which only happens like every 5 years! I made an exception then. I went to department stores where everything is neatly displayed, too. I discovered that clothing stores like Salvation Army gives me a headache because of all the splashes of color. It all just bleeds in. That makes the experience and effort even less worth it.

But I did get some gorgeous clothes for $2 a pop. I found two pairs of jeans that fit, but I hate the way it fits. They were $3, and that's a great price. That's why I wanted to alter them, but the person I was with said that I shouldn't do that. If I have that much of a problem with it, I shouldn't buy it because there are jeans I'd like that I don't have to spend any more money on.

I'm so sick and tired of hearing that because people have told me to not buy jeans until I find a pair I like. And I'm personally unwilling to buy jeans that I don't like, which is why I'm willing to spend a fortune on custom made jeans. Everyone promises that I'll find jeans I love for a bargain, and it's been 10 years since I've found a pair that fit to my desires. And even that pair of jeans, I didn't like them until I got out of high school. I purchased them in middle school! I've worn the same size for years, but they finally fit a little better.

It's so annoying because whenever I tell people that I don't like it, they say I should get it anyways. I do because I rarely find jeans that fit me. I haven't found jeans that fit me quite right since I was 14 and I'm 26 now. I always have to get them resized. I found one pair a couple days ago that actually fit me, but I find them repulsive. It doesn't matter what other people think if I don't like them. What the Hell makes people think that as long as they like it, that's what matters? If I disapprove of something they like, they ignore me as though my voice is insignificant. It's only my wardrobe!

When I made that complaint, I was accused of blaming others for following their decision when it's my choice to do what I want. And it's true. I'm not denying that. I'm merely addressing my frustrations about how dismissive people are about my own feelings.

Apparently, most people buy jeans they know they don't like, bring them home, and reflect upon it. How stupid is that? That's why people annoyingly persist that I buy a pair of jeans I know I don't like because they're projecting? Because they're too stupid to realize right away that they don't like it? So I'm asked to put myself in an inconvenienced situation and buy something I'll inevitably return later? The size is still the same if I go home! A shopper's bargain, my ass!

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