Friday, April 16, 2010

I Feel the Breeze of Change, Day 106

I'm ecstatic to express that today was filled with experiences that left me with this indisputable, invigorating, everything happens for a reason feeling. First I ran into a friend I used to work with. I find that really meaningful because I woke up today with the intention to move forward in my life in a more positive direction regarding my living situation and work because those two things coincide. It was at that job where things went wrong.

I stayed where I was unhappy because it was easy for me. I made compromises that I shouldn't have made and tolerated things that altered my true identity. I felt like the universe was trying to snap me out of it by forcing a change in me when I lost that job. For a really long time I didn't understand why I worked there only to be laid-off when the original employee wanted her old job back, by the way. But it all seems clear to me now.

This woman has truly inspired me, but it wasn't until after a substantial amount of time did this happen. When we worked, we worked. But as life took hold of her, she gained control back and is continuing to anchor her own life. She's truly inspired me through her blog and what an impact it's had on me and my life. It's the reason why I created this one. Her daringness gives me strength.

The universe works in mysterious ways and the impact we have on one another is something none of us can truly philosophically grasp. I would've never imagined being so moved by a stranger. It's beautiful to me that when I was ready for a positive change in my life that I ran into someone who has such an impact on me. She's doing something amazing for herself, too, and I'm really happy for her. I wish her the best success, and I'm confident that she'll achieve it.

What's even crazier is that I was walking down that street and thinking of my old job. I walk down the street frequently enough and very rarely do I think about that place. And then I run into her. AND I meant to turn way sooner than I actually did. But if I had done that, I wouldn't have run into her. I didn't even realize I was going the wrong way until after we parted ways, giving me time to appreciate that encounter which I thank the universe for.

That's when I felt the breeze of change. Yesterday I was given resources that could give me the opportunity to live somewhere else, a safer and properly maintained place, and create an energy of movement towards a more positive direction. I meant to leave my apartment earlier this morning, and I wasn't able to talk to anyone because I discovered that I have to go on different days. But I believe I was meant to experience this feeling.

For so long, I've been feeling stagnant. The earth element has taken root in my feet and I've been grounded for far too long. Without movement of any kind including the negative fire element or the powerful water quality, I haven't been able to see beyond the clouds. Today I felt the breeze and I trust that it's guiding me. I forgot how it felt or what it meant to trust yourself and feel the universe's presence.

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