Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Variety Roommate Conflict, Days 103 and 104

This entry is so ridiculously outdated. Originally I was going to discuss the garden variety roommate conflict that was happening. It was the only drama that was going on in my life. Since the past few days, though, the garden variety drama exploded into something that could turn into something dangerous. But I doubt it'll escalate to that degree. I believe I have it contained, but every girl in my situation feels that way. It's important to be aware of that.

My roommates and I aren't the cleanest group of individuals. I'm rather sloppy and untidy, but I do clean after myself when it comes to the shared space. Mostly I do it because everyone else leaves their dishes for a couple days, and I'm tired of hearing everyone point the finger at everyone else. I could go a day without doing the dishes or even a couple hours, and my one dish would get lost in the heaping piles that accumulated during such a short period of time. I don't want to neglect my dishes, nor do I want to invite a disagreement. So I've gotten into the habit of cleaning everything immediately after.

It's frustrating because two of my roommates are genuinely filthy. One girl took a month until she cleaned her dishes, and it was molding! This other girl takes a substantial amount of time cleaning after herself. Another is responsible for her messy contribution, but she quickly resorts to blaming the other two girls without realizing how much of the dirty dishes are actually hers. If it's a custom made dish, it's hers! If it's a bowl with oatmeal residue, it's hers! She neglects to blame another roommate of ours who almost never eats, but when there are certain tall glasses, it's the wannabe anorexic's. She's also responsible for any tupperware. But alas the girl who never eats is rarely accused of any kitchen-related matter. The spoons are almost definitely hers.

It's annoying because I hear one girl blame the other, and while those girls deserve the blame, she mostly fails to realize her contributions. She'll go a week without washing the dishes that she spends so much time in there and complains that she's the only one that cleans. She does clean more, but that's because her dishes accumulate more. The other girls clean their dishes in about the same time frame, but this other girl seems to carry this mentality that if I don't see you clean, you never do. WTF? After she cleans, she's more conscientious of the mess that's there, so three days later she'll complain about the dirty dishes the other girls are responsible for. But she'll take a good week to do hers.

I admit my faults. I almost close to never sweep or mop. I clean after the stove, and everyone's well aware of that. I've been known to let food rot a couple times. I take out the trash the most but am also negligent. The girls over flood and perfected the art of piling without it spilling over. They'll start a new trash bag and place it next to the trash can. I've never vacuumed. In my own space that others are exposed to, I am sloppy. I let clutter accumulate; I have scattered books, papers, etc. But I do clean the dishes. What's worse than messy people in my opinion are the messy ones who don't take responsibility and blame others because the problem perpetuates. If you don't realize your part in it, how can it ever get any better?

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