Friday, April 30, 2010

A Creative Force Surrounds Me

I feel this imperative energy cloaking me. It's one I want to become intimate with but one I've never had the luxury to be a part of. Lately I realized that I've attracted people into my life that are markedly creative souls. These creative people have sought me out on the streets. They live all around me. I see them day to day. I find myself floating around blogs written by creative souls. I'm fixated on this creative fire that's sparked in all of them. What a hypnotic and captivating sight it is! We all have creativity in all of us, but for some of us it's either doormat, stagnant, self-contaminated, self-sabotaged, or obscure and intangible in some way. This is how it's been for me for so long. I want nothing more than to breathe in its fire. I think that burning desire has been heard by the universe. I feel it whispering back to me, but the words escape me. All I'm left with is this creative force surrounding me, coming at me from all direction. As much as I want this, it frightens me. It's pushing me into a corner, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape but one path to follow, a brightly lit, stargazing road. I feel like I'm choking on the words of wisdom I'm forced to swallow. As I gasp for air, I'm left helpless and surging with an external energy that's beginning to infuse with my own.

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