Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fun Times! Day 129

My blog is a reflection of my thoughts, fears, dreams, ambitions, insecurities, doubts, aspirations, beliefs, and my experiences. I'm not a casual person. My experiences are felt very heavily by me. Even before I became emotional, I compulsively obsessed and extracted at every possible corner of encounters I had. It comes so naturally for me to be elaborate that I sometimes forget how exhausting it actually is on my mind and spirit. A person can get used to a form of stress and not realize the damage it does to you.

I don't want to be that person, but I can't deny who I am either. I began following a blog I came across through another friend. She writes in her profile that she puts a concerted effort in refraining from posting very lengthy prose her mind has been capturing because she wants to remain grounded with the fundamental truth that less is more. While I'm unable to argue with what I also believe to be one of many universal truths, I feel that I need to explore these feelings and express them.

I feel like I focus so much on my feelings that I don't always capture the moment. I'm too busy dissecting and focusing on the epiphanies that was born through those experiences, and those moments become this secondary relevance only necessary in serving an anecdotal purpose. I want to remember how I felt at the time, too. I don't want what I experience to only be a platform to observe how I feel because then I'll lose focus and forget about the moments, the fun moments that over-analyzing or re-thinking can never recapture.

Hanging out with my friends is a blast! One is from Germany, so she's never had boba before. So my other friend and I just blasted her with perverted attacks left and right! You've never had boba? OMG? Do you even know what it is? Boba are these round juicy balls, they're so moist, and so delicious, you suck on them and they're so huge that you need these extra large straws. As you suck on them and they slide down your throat, it just coats your throat with this thickness. Haha!

Traumatizing and frightening someone as you introduce them to a new experience is this delightful pleasure I never bore of. She was just cracking up as we went on and on about it. To make it worse, we said that she has to suck on some balls at the Special Place where they serve these huge balls that you suck on. Haha! Gotta love it!

Then we continued on to make all sorts of analogies. The balls are always delicious and pleasing, but you have to get it with the right tea or it'll ruin the experience like having sex with the wrong kind of person. Sex, itself, is fantastic, but who you shag is a defining factor. Milk tea is always the standard drink, the go to choice. So that's what my friend suggested be tried first. I, of course, rebutted his remark and asked him if we wanted her to have a so-so experience or do we want her experience to pop and have this exhilarating effect? He then suggests that she listen to me. But she decided to go "vanilla" and went for the milk tea only to discover that my experience and wisdom was worth listening to as she enjoyed my honeydew milk boba tea. Haha! Oh and on the way over I was eating stale nuts (almonds), all dried up and nasty like the craisins. :) Fun times!

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