Saturday, May 22, 2010

Adventures and Realizing How Times Can and Can't Change People, Day 140

A really good friend of mine from middle school came to visit me from SF. We hung out for the past few days. I forgot and love how random he is. He asked me what I'm doing for the next couple of days because he was thinking of flying down to visit me. The next day after a series of LAX arrival delays on my part, we got to hang out!

Neither of us had no idea what to do and "touristing" has never been my thing no matter where it is. Fortunately, the same is true for him. Not that that was much of an issue when he first arrived because we were both exhausted. It's crazy to think that we used to play Psycho Murderer Takes Hostage! Haha! Now over a decade later, 26 years old and we're ready to pass out by 11 pm. Lame! But it's nice that we both sort of mellowed in unison. Plus we seriously need this!

We went to Universal City Walk. It was my first time, too. Everyone seems shocked that I've never been, but it's never interested me and after experiencing it, I understand why. We realized how much touristing isn't our cup of tea and began adventuring for a kogi truck, which sadly did not succeed. We ended up buying massive amounts of Korean food from supermarkets, though. He said how fun it is to do random things like that. I miss having friends like that where even ordinary tasks are fun.

I had some personal appointments (work-related) that I had to keep :( We were going to have cold noodles with his sister, but she had a hangover. So we stopped by her apartment instead. And how crazy it wasn't which is also crazy to see her all grown up and not trip out because I remember her when she was eight years old! We were going to go to Venice Beach, but it was too cold. How sad. So we went to the Observatorium only to hit up Redondo Beach later because the GPS couldn't locate Venice Beach. Weird! It took FOREVER to get there.

He bought me an oyster or a clam that had a pearl in it! It was cream colored and worth $30. The pearl extraction process was $11 or something, so it's worth it. But I'm beginning to feel a gambling addiction surface, which is ironic because he was hesitant to share the rules of his lotto addiction in case I develop a habit for it. Instead I found my own addiction!

We didn't get a tattoo, either as also planned. Eh, shit happens!

It was weird to see how much both of us have changed. I've felt stuck where I am for so long that I don't really realize how much I've completely changed! I used to shin kick. One of the first observations he's made is that I'm not as violent as I used to be. He thought it was unreal that I like rock music because I practically murdered him when he'd listen to it. And I used to listen to rap only. Now I can't even remember the last time I listened to rap.

He doesn't bounce off of the energy of others the way he used to. He's still crazy but mellowed a lot. He's not nearly as shy as he used to be. But then who was? He wasn't that shy around me, but I found him blurting things out a lot more now than bouncing off of my chattiness. I guess you can say we found ourselves more? No, we defined our own identities over time.

We're no longer the kids who were so affected by the people around us. He stopped getting premonitions almost ten years ago. Those visions that haunted him are no longer controlling his fears, while I'm no longer resisting against my premonitions out of my own fears. We're still similar in many ways, but we evolved and changed, too. He loves onions. Maybe I should find better friends. Joking!

Yet no matter how much I changed over the years, there are aspects of me that never will. Superficial things like taste in music and slight behavioral habits that have this way of "defining" us do because in reality they're only just surface identities. He made dumplings for us and he said that he'll mix the boiled and pan-fried ones together. I welcomed it, but he laughed because I noticed my OCD coming out. I tolerated the mixing of the two different kinds of cooked dumplings, but he could tell that deep down it irritates my OCD. I've just learned to rise above it, and it's true. I love that he noticed that in me. Most of my newer friends would only know something bothers my OCD if I freak out.

I forgot that I went out with two guys with the same name. I hadn't thought about my eighth grade boyfriend in forever! I found myself having to distinguish between the two guys to explain why I moved out here. He remembers me and my life with that guy. I almost forgot about him and how much that boyfriend meant to me at one point. Redondo Beach reminded us of Alcatraz and the Pier in SF, too, which made me think about my past then. We used to go there a lot. Memory lane, it's pretty crazy!

I thought I regretted not moving to Japan when he offered me up a place to stay, and part of me does. But at the end, I'm glad because I was given a second chance with someone and that I'll always treasure. That's a whole different blog entry, though.

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