Saturday, August 13, 2011

Splashes of Hope

"Splashes of hope is all you need to flood and drown your doubts. But you gotta turn the faucet on."

I just created that quote. And considering what just happened and what I'm going through, some may worry that it's a dangerous path I'm walking. I'm not convoluted. I didn't create this quote to create a false sense of hope to suffocate reality or truth. In fact, a truth I may never truly know isn't even the case right now. Sometimes it's just better to let things go, and that's what I plan to do.

Since it's me, yes, I'm doing it to sabotage any hope or possibility that may or may not exist right now in my life. But this quote isn't about that. It's about hope in general that I constantly ignore. I was watching Pink's Fuckin' Perfect music video and saw that girl turn her failed test score F into a funny face. She turned something negative and re-transformed it. That's what i want to turn this experience into. Take that hope from this experience and instead of reinvesting it into that, I'm going to take it and use it for something greater, more powerful.

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