Thursday, August 11, 2011


I'm one step closer to my goals. When I focus my energy and channel it, the things I want manifest. Now that I'm more conscientious about exactly what I want to manifest, it's productive. My interview went well with my friend reminding me to send a thank you letter. He neglected to ask me how the interview went and told me it went well. I had to ask, "Are you telling me or asking me?" He says telling you. Yay! Both interviewers called me to remind me to send an updated resume and was reminded of an upcoming 20 minute interview. I even received a phone call today to see when my interview was and was requested to let them know after I complete the interview. I believe the phone interview went well, too! :)

And when you attract one type of energy, they all come flocking. My friend called me up for a catering event, too. Two other companies called to ask me about employment also. And I found potential tutoring work. Let's not forget the Appointment Setter position two blocks away from where I live. I'm trying to focus my energy into this.

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