Thursday, March 18, 2010

Once Again Spiraling in His Chaos, Days 75, 76, and 78

It’s a really bad lie spiraling out of control taking me hostage and karmically punishing me for involving myself in such deceit. What was I thinking? I’m not fit to rival the asshole that is my landlord or at least not in any formidable way. I’ve proven myself sufficiently as an incompetent participant in a chessboard that he staged and twisted with built-in schemes, hidden from the naked eyes of others, that he’s developed over the years. My intelligence doesn’t come with a revealing feature of all things scumbag. I knew that! So again I redundantly ask, what the Hell was I thinking???!!!!???

Why did I want to give him the power and pleasure, even if it is under false pretenses, that he achieved exactly what he wanted? What purpose does that serve really? Was I just going to quietly smirk because I knew the truth? No! So why even let him think that he’s winning when he isn’t? I'm an amateur at scheming. No, not just an amateur, but I'm an idiot at it, as I should be! The cowardly tactic I used of avoiding him at all costs including but not limited to jumping over balconies and hopping fences when I hear his voice may be a depressingly spineless approach, although it did keep me out of the trouble I just got myself into.

The more you talk to him, the more information you provide for him to use as leverage, blackmail, and some form or another as a way to demonstrate his power over us, rendering us helpless. He disapproved of my couch taking up the other side of the living room for exaggerated reasons and claims that I believe to be are fictitious. My roommates don't want it there, and, more importantly, I'm not paying for the entire living room. Therefore, I'm not entitled to that space. But he allows me to move my couch into my boyfriend's living room which is in the same complex, situated right next to his roommate who's only paying for half of the living room space just as I am. So why is it okay to be in another person's living room when he and I are in the same situation?

All I can think is that by seeing us do what he asks of us, it gives him an exhilaration of power that he hungers for. I can't afford for my rent to get higher, so although his demand is illogical, redundant, and outrageous, I have no choice left but to permit such an inconvenience. By making the mistake of talking to him, I singlehandedly dismantled this arrangement. What the Hell was I thinking?

I've contemplated and openly expressed my desire to sue him because of his illegal operation. The landlord has become more careful in his approach and how he manages this complex or at least under my vision. It's a well-known fact that we both hate each other. So it's really no surprise that the bastard tried spreading a rumor about me by saying that I had a new boyfriend aka cheating on my current one. And, yes, this is a true story. No, I'm not being paranoid, even though I am. This one is true.

The two of us haven't moved out together as planned or as quickly as estimated. So I decided to tell the landlord that he'll be stuck with us for a while because my boyfriend and I broke up after a rumor destroyed our relationship. Maybe I was thinking that he'll think twice before spreading words that can't be taken back, as though he hadn't already considered this and made a calculated decision. That asshole had a sneaky smile that he couldn't conceal, although he tried to. What possible benefit did I think would come from telling him, to make him believe that?

This is a benefit for him. He has tenants who will be extending his stay and an opportunity to unleash the restraints he put on himself to make our dismissal more cordial. Now, he's claiming that my couch being downstairs is no longer acceptable because he and I have broken up. Why did I create my own weakness that he can prey on? What, I wanted to offer him a convenient opening? Of course, that power hungry monger would say such a thing!

None of us mind the couch being where it is. He claims that it's no longer appropriate or acceptable because of our break-up. My couch being in another unit is between those tenants and I. It has nothing to do with him! He kept re-inserting himself, assuring me with that vacant, menacing smile that it is indirectly his problem on the offchance that it gets destroyed. What a moron! As if damage done to my couch is magically gone when the relationship was intact. I'm aware of the risk my couch is in, and I accept them.

He persists on telling me that I must not know because I allow my couch to be there by narrating stories of how someone may accidentally spill something and then what happens? If that happens, it's still none of his concern. I won't complain to him, which I addressed. The culprit certainly won't bring it up. Then the landlord asks what if no one admits it's their fault? What the fuck did I just say? That's exactly what I stated, which is why it won't be his concern. Not to mention that I specifically indicated that I won't go complaining to him about it. Of course, that statement went ignored. Or else he would be unsuccessful at arguing his point.

He, then, transitions onto a meeting that occurred and how no one is okay with the couch there, as though the status of my relationship now changes the seriousnss of the complaints. If the complaints existed beforehand, why is it now worth addressing but it wasn't initially? The inconvenience of others is now tolerable? How unfair is that? And this is all assuming that these "complaints" are true, which is questionable in it of itself.

As I became increasingly skeptical and apparently uncooperative, he tries to reason with me about how it's my couch and how it shouldn't be there in the first place. Well duh! I reminded him of how I wanted to keep my couch upstairs and how he forbade me to do so, which is why it's down there in the first place. It's not like I enjoy my couch being somewhere else when it can be where I live! He seemed enthusiastically relieved by the direction I was going as though he managed to successfully steer me to his will and delightfully agreed. Now he's claiming that he's willing to work with me, so the couch can be reunited with me. Where the Hell was with helpfulness months ago when I had to yet again inconvenience my friends to shuffle my couch from point A to B to A and now to possibly B again?

The power hungry jackass is just excited that he's been presented with an opportunity to pre-determine our actions according to his demands. I had to surrender when he threatened to increase my rent, something I'm unable to avoid or fulfill. However, he also manipulates and borderlines stalks tenants to annoyance to the point that people become desperate for his absence by showing our faces in hopes that we can successfully make him leave, a task no one has been success with. And now I'm spiraling in the chaos again.

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