Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear Universe

I have a passion for holistic nutrition. I believe that the food we eat and where it comes from combined with a fun fitness routine customized to our unique habits and physique is an integral part of obtaining optimal nutrition and health, as well as a positive outlook and empowering ourselves through knowledge. I'd like to explore the nutritional world and what I can offer. I have excellent communication skills, have a passion for sharing my knowledge, and I love to cook and container garden. I believe with a little interest and innovation, there are many opportunities to maximize our health even if we aren't the most motivated or wealthiest. I'd love to educate people at workshops where I can inspire people to make healthy changes by sharing ideas everyday people can incorporate into their lives. I also love to write and would enjoy helping others by blogging, as well. Being a Holistic Nutrition Coach appeals to me. I understand that requires me to market myself a bit, but I'm not particularly interested in aggressively seeking people out to assist like a commission based sales representative because I believe there are plenty of people who are interested in this without unwelcomed persistence. Rather than cold calling people in my life, I'd like to expand my knowledge to an audience who's interested in what I have to offer. I'd love your assistance in an altruistic capacity.

I also have a passion for writing. I believe I have a lot of insightful, entertaining, and captivating ideas and thoughts people would enjoy reading. I'm ready to take my writing to a new level. My projects must come together cohesively, functionally, productively, creatively, uniquely, and aesthetically. My mind has to be alert to new ideas and my motivation has to be sharp. I have to develop and define a writing style and method that works for me, something new and better than what I've been doing to produce the kind of results I know I can deliver. I seek writing opportunities as a blogger, sites that won't require me to change my identity and writing style but rather I shine because of my unique writing and what I offer. I'd love your assistance in obtaining opportunities conducive to my success in my endeavors. 

I'm interested in embracing the openness and absence of conformity and rigidity in my life. 9-5 jobs inevitably fall apart, and I can always feel how misplaced I am there. I'm ready to accept this is the universe's way of trying to make me available for something greater. I want to explore my choices, as well as create opportunities for myself. I want to do what I've always been interested in but have been too busy or distracted to pursue other reasons that no longer matter. This is the time to manifest it. 

I want to do public speaking. I have excellent communication skills, am articulate, and find that the way I talk inspires and captivates the attention of others. It'll be an enjoyable and altruistic experience. To be compensated for a skill and talent I have will bring me joy and pleasure. I deserve to get paid for what I love to do, something I deserve to earn. 

I also want to do commercial modeling and some acting. I've always been interested in being an extra but commercial modeling has more appeal for me. I'm finally confident enough in my attraction and look that I want to celebrate it. Once I find a company that likes my features, Asian, sharp cheekbones, and very petite figure, I can start my journey. It's all about finding the right representative. I'm 5'2 but it's not uncommon for Asian models to be short. Life isn't about limitations but pushing the boundaries, finding ways to celebrate and embrace who we are. I want to shine because of who I am, not hide in the shadows over it. 

I'm tired of hesitating and letting time pass me by because I don't feel adequate enough. I have friends in the entertainment and music industry, talented, hardworking, and exposed to a world I want to be a part of, but I'm always hiding. Why? I'm sick of it. I'm never going to achieve my goals if I hesitate vocalizing that I'd love to model or even be in a music video. I want to be a hand model. I have to vocalize and energize my desires cuz it's a competitive world and I want to represent myself and my goals. Please bring people into my life that can assist me in my success. And give me the strength, intuition, and awareness to recognize the fakes and distractions that life comes with, so I can stay focused in my path to success and my desires. 

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