Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Cuz You Believe Something Doesn't Make It Real!

Everyone's entitled to their opinions. I'm a firm believer in that. But when you start approaching things as though your opinion were a fact, your actions have consequences. No matter how adamant you are about your beliefs, once you express something you can't take it back and everything has energy. If it's unnecessary to stir the pot, why do it?

It really annoys me when guys are convinced I really like them or anyone else cuz I seem to "connect" with . I have a lot of guy friends and I'm known to become platonic quick. I rarely like guys. If I told you how few guys I've actually liked, you'd probably accuse me of lying. Liking is such a sacred thing to me. It doesn't just happen casually or frequently for me.

There's nothing wrong with believing that I like you, but spreading it around and turning it into high school is annoying! I hate being put in that situation because there's nothing I can do to really dispel the rumor without fighting fire with fire, a route I refuse to take. I'm not so desperate to clear the air by revealing the truth which generally is something along the lines of the idea of being with you sexually repulses me. Cuz curiously enough, this keeps happening with much, much older men. So it's really disgusting, the notion of it all!

I'm really fortunate to have a lot of amazing friends! People wonder how a woman can have platonic guy friends. I'll tell you how. You meet good-hearted, intelligent men! The ones who are intuitive, perceptive, receptive, observant, aware, and realizes she acts this way with everyone. So she must not be interested in me. Or at the very least they aren't quick to fill their ego. And the key to telling if someone likes someone is the difference in the energy that's unique to that one person vs. everyone else.

If you constantly think I like every person I come in contact with and I reject every notion of it, why would you refuse to consider YOU could be wrong? I also don't appreciating feeling like what I say falls on deaf ears and makes me appear as though I'm lying since no one believes me. No one believes me cuz there's power in your thought when you project it onto others. At the risk of sounding conceited, why won't others believe you? You tell a bunch of older guys that a younger, attractive woman likes you. And since they're people you associate with and the energy we give off is the energy we attract, they quickly believe you. Simple minds come to simple conclusions.

News flash! I have a lot of friends. I'm unconventional, open-minded, and know people from many walks of life. I'm articulate, often times contributing to conversations which is virtually effortless when its a relateable topic. I hate this predicament I'm in cuz now when I defend myself, honesty makes me come off self-righteous, and that's not at all what I'm trying to convey.

Anyways I'm going to continue being honest/self-righteous. The only reason why they think I'm so impressive is because I can relate, which isn't a rarity like a true spark between two people. But again the energy you give off is the energy you attract. If you have this preconceived notion that women don't cook and only eat lean cuisine, that's all you're going to attract. Then another type of woman will be a shock to your system. But that's not because I'm actually this stupendously amazing person. Well maybe I am but not for the reasons you're crediting me for!

You just limit your exposure! And by you limiting your exposure, it has a consequence on me! You make me uncomfortable by convincing a roomful of guys that I'm attracted to them, all of who are the age of my father! If you were more open-minded and receptive, you'd attract more diversity in your life which in hopes will enhance your intelligence, observational skills, and intuition. Instead of carelessly saying crap!

***One more thing - if you're reading this and it sounds like I'm talking about you, then I probably am. Don't apologize to me. This whole notion is disgusting to me, and all I want to do is vent. I don't want to hear you apologize, then feel bad and tell you it's okay. Blah blah blah. It is okay. It's not that big of a deal. I promise. I just like releasing my thoughts here. I'm sure you care about me and had no intent to make me feel uncomfortable. I truly believe that. So please let it go. Don't bring it up. That defeats the whole purpose of blogging about it, so I can let it go!

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