Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Meaning of Spring Cleaning

Today I attended a Spring Cleaning workshop held by a Personal Organizer. I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting, but the $5 suggested donation was well within my budget and I had a free schedule. I felt open and receptive to it. When I arrived, I found a collection of books on organizing and decluttering for our material possessions as well as our spiritual selves and other related topics such as feng shui. While waiting for everyone to arrive, we were encouraged to browse through anything that caught our attention. It's such a great concept! It puts people in a curious, receptive, and distracted mood from people who are running late, while we get to learn more about the things that interest us.

I lost my voice, so it was a bit of a challenge. But it worked out! I must admit that in the beginning I was disappointed because although I'm confident that the host is a much more skilled Organizer than myself, I found her information to be very basic and familiar for me. However I was happy to observe that others were delighted by the information. As for me, I became discouraged about how I could possibly benefit from information I already implement.

I've been paid as a Personal Organizer and have worked at Organized Living. But if you were to walk into my space, it's actually quite tragic and people would immediately and understandably question my ability to organize. A lot of it has to do with motivation. I've somehow learned to become comfortable in clutter when I became better at managing my OCD. I was no longer enslaved to its demands and I rebelled against it. With such a busy schedule, a limited budget, and most deprecating of all, an unmotivated attitude, clutter has infested my space.

I still have small corners that with a little effort, attention, careful budgeting, and motivation, it can easily be remedied. Unlike many others, I'm not a hoarder and freely discard things that no longer serve me. I have very little things to work with. I've already gone through the sorting and purging. What's really crippled me from organizing is that I don't have the tools I need such as shelving units. I'm just not a very handy person and despite the many friends I have, many of them are unavailable to assist me. As much as I'd love to take on this adventure myself, history has shown me that it's actually more costly and damaging.

It's just something I can't afford to risk. But the truth is that if I really wanted to manifest this, I could. I often hesitate because the people who offer to assist me are perverts who give me a lending hand because they expect sexual gratitudes as a result. It's an extremely uncomfortable situation. But I have to refocus my energy and attract a new energy to aid me in my process. After all that's what spring cleaning is all about! Getting rid of the negative energy to make room for new energy to flow.

When I presented my dilemma to the Personal Organizer, I found her repeating herself which is never a good sign. I heard her the first time and it's not becoming anymore insightful. Because I couldn't speak, a lot of what she was saying was already written out by me but she expressed it under the impression that it was helpful for me because she didn't have a chance to read through everything. Really, there were solutions I came up with that she never mentioned. She describes herself as creative and perhaps she is, but I found myself to be more resourceful and innovative. It's frustrating when I find myself in that situation. I'm too advanced to be in the beginners group but not advanced enough to be in the advanced section, and I never quite feel like I belong. I welcome someone whose insights are greater than mine. I'm not certain if she was aware of how repetitive she was or if that was her brainstorming process, but I wasn't a fan of it...

Then all of a sudden, she came up with an incredibly obvious but extremely effective solution that somehow managed to escape my mind and has restored my faith and provided me with a solution for my goal! This is very exciting for me! I have a very limited space, so a lot of functions are defined to proximity. But my current system is ineffective because it's unrealistic to pull things out specifically creative stuff only to require that I immediately put them back box by box. It doesn't allow any creative energy to flow and expand. Any attempt would risk stagnation and disorganization by leaving everything cluttered and visible. Then she said the magical solution. Wheels. How simple is that! They have storage units that come with units that are perfect for me!

Yes, this is pricey but that's what freecycle is for. Whenever I'm truly passionate in my manifestations, I receive what I seek and finding a storage unit with wheels for portability purposes is exactly what I need. I become extremely unmotivated, lethargic, and diminish in energy when I enter my space and it's because of the lack of personality and surrounding clutter. It's very consuming. This is the first step towards resolution and I couldn't be more excited!

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