Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What an Eventful 2013!!!

Today marks the two-week anniversary of 2013. (Or at least it is today as I write this.)… In a matter of two weeks so much has happened for me. On the first day of this year, (yes the first day) I started it off incredibly well by making half of my rent in a single day! I had an interview with a promo agency that's expanding to the West Coast and had the opportunity to interview in person, which is very rare in the promo world! Then another promo agency called me for a brief phone interview. I found out that the guy I like began seeing someone, while I sat there refusing to accept that he was, in fact, interested. It was the first guy I've been attracted to who's healthy for me and someone I could really see a future with. But my denial and self-sabotage took over and left me with reflection and insight I can apply in the future. I've also been booked for work next month, thanks to someone I met last year at a promo event. I'm also scheduled for a complimentary haircut and color treatment just as I was telling my mother that I need to get this done! Additionally the promo work I'm doing next month is for a deep conditioning treatment! I manifested a free manicure when I realized that I have to take better care of my hands for the hand modeling audition next month. I had a great time with a friend who took me shooting, treated me to dinner, and gave me my first driving lesson of the year. (Yes, I don't know how to drive... Let the shock pass you! LOL) I also had an interview for a gamer modeling position. I was also requested to make a video submission for a commercial. I enjoyed my favorite tacos, which is a small but wonderful indulgence! :) I'm looking forward to what the New Year brings me! ^.^

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