Monday, December 5, 2011

Closet of Thoughts

Sometimes our thoughts begin to collect dust even when ignore the very presence of it in the same way we hide away the junk we accumulate over the years. I have this tendency to stow away the feelings I don't want to face and as much as possible remove myself from any exposure that forces me to come to terms with it, which for a while I can do successfully. When I'm put off by something, I subliminally release it into the ether and people feel that vibration. They feel it until I forget about it as new collects pervade my mind and it becomes a distant memory. Then when I find myself faced being re-introduced to that energy again, I evade it much in the same way I did in the beginning until it becomes social conditioning and I subconsciously replicate my actions. There's danger in that especially since bad habits solidify more than positive ones, but there's power in being aware of this. I'm going to take the time to explore my closet of thoughts. I encourage you to do the same. We can all use some emotional cleanses.

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