Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"You Rock the World!"

It's amazing how even just a slice of time, as short as it may be has the ability to have lasting effects on us. It makes me open my eyes to how receptive and sensitive we, as people, are to our surroundings. It takes something powerful to make us realize this, though. I'm mildly shaking right now because I'm that affected by a single experience and the series of consequences that followed. It's truly tragic because I was looking forward to writing about "Pomegranate Corn 9" and beginning that entry on a cheerier note about how unlike other moments where I'm bummed out about not having enough time to write about all the thoughts I want to express, I wanted to share gratitude for the limited time because it makes me prioritize what truly matters.

What I'm hesitating to divulge now is what I was going to delay in writing, so I can focus on Pomegranate Corn 9. But the truth is that this blog is supposed to be therapeutic. If I resisted in releasing this toxic energy I'm so affected by that's leading me to shake only to write about something positive that I'm not currently channeling at this time, that wouldn't be healthy. And it'd just be deceitful. I think I've experienced enough deceit already but interestingly enough, instead of typing out deceit, I wrote defeat. I think I've experienced enough defeat already. I'm tired.

I recently told a friend that failure is our most valuable lesson. The same is true for disappointment. The sadness is unavoidable. But what I choose to take from that experience is up to me. So I took the time to appreciate new and old friends for the genuine friendships I have with them. And one of my dearest wrote, "You rock the world!" And that made my day.

For now I'm going to end with this because I could elaborate as I always do but this time instead of focusing my energy in expressing how I feel, I want to process and manage how I feel. That takes priority. I feel contaminated with conflicting energy and emotions I have clarity on but what I allowed to be compromised. I need to cleanse my aura, so that I can give "Pomegranate Corn 9" the attention it deserves. The thought of it is already making me smile and I can feel that positive energy infusing within me. :)

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